Wee little things

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I am not a bubbly person by nature (ask anyone who’s ever met me. I am constantly being told that I need to smile more, usually by strangers who see me walking down the street. To them I say, “Fuck off!”), but spring makes me indescribably happy. Growing up in Miami where everything is green year-round, I hadn’t ever seen spring until I went away to college. Now, you can argue with me until the cows come home about how Portland doesn’t have a real winter and therefore doesn’t have a real spring, but I beg to differ. Until you’ve hung out on the waterfront under the blossoming cherry trees, or driven the Fruit Loop in the Columbia Gorge, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Spring is the most amazing season. Even for those of us who generally aren’t given to waxing rhapsodic about the changing of the seasons and the renewal of life and who are constantly muttering things about “those damn hippies” under our breath, spring is optimistic and beautiful and wonderful. I haven’t experienced spring in Toronto yet so I can’t tell you much about it, but in Portland it’s such a fickle season. Temperatures can differ by 20 degrees (Fahrenheit, obviously) in one day, and rain and hail even while the sun is shining. But to see the sky after months of rain…
And I think that cherry trees are pretty much the greatest congratulations-you-survived-the-rainy-season gift ever.


Archival humor: an oxymoron? You decide!

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Last night in one of my classes, I wrote this:

So I’m sitting in my archival arrangement and description class (wow. I just lost, like, my entire audience. Way to go!) and I’m more of less paying attention (less). We had a big assignment due today and I’m going to assume that my classmates worked as hard on it as I did. And that’s not a joke–I did work really hard on this one. Basically, I’ve done nothing but this assignment all week. I’ve attended 1 out of 4 classes–and it’s the end of my school week. Needless to say, I haven’t done any of the readings for this class and I’m a little bit bitter about even sitting here right now.

Out of the 20 people in the class, probably 18 of them are archives students; the other two are library science students. It’s pretty much this class that both reinforces and undermines my decision to pursue archives. My arrangement/description project was pretty cool and I definitely enjoyed working on it. On the other hand, I just don’t get the enthusiasm of my classmates. Jokes relating to archives? I’m not laughing at them and I’m certainly not making them. Overachieving? I’m thinking maybe I’d be a better librarian than an archivist. I’m really looking forward to next year when I don’t have to take requirements. I’m gonna take book history and an indexing class (I HATE incomplete indices) and maybe library science requirements and maybe museum studies courses. Yeah, I know, now it sounds really exciting. I should’ve just gone into publishing.

Dizzy miss lizzy

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Oh my God. So, I take anti-anxiety/anti-depressant medication. I am usually very conscientious about taking it every day, but I happened to forget yesterday. I am now having these insane fits of dizziness. As in, if I sit very still and don’t turn my head I feel fine, but if I even move my eyes quickly I am overcome with dizziness. This happened once before in one of my classes and it totally sucked. And still does. I think I have to wait for the meds to penetrate whatever they’re trying to penetrate (bloodstream? brain? I knew I should’ve paid more attention in chemistry) and then I’ll feel fine, but for the time being all I want to do is go back to sleep, but I can’t cause I have to finish this goddamn archival description project.

Anyway. I finished Miracle in the Andes last night. Wow. I remember reading Alive when I was a teenager and just being floored by how incredibly unlucky/graced by the will of whatever forces exist those guys were. I mean, having your small plane crash in some remote region of the Andes in the winter is terrible. Then hearing on the makeshift radio you’ve rigged up that search efforts have been cancelled is heartbreaking. Then experiencing an avalanche is disastrous. Then having to decide to eat the bodies of the dead–including some of your best friends–in order to possibly survive an unsurvivable situation is unfathomable. Then deciding to save yourselves, and climbing to the top of the mountain you’ve been stranded on and realizing that you are smack in the middle of the cordillera and your chances of rescue/escape are minimal anyway, and when compounded by the fact that you’re starving and dehydrated and experiencing altitude sickness and lost your chances are pretty much nil, that’s just cruel. But then when you and your buddy manage to climb over 70 miles–without enough food or water, adequate sleeping bags and clothes, or any maps, ice picks, crampons, or tents–and manage to pick just the right route and find running water and stumble upon a group of farmers tending their winter flock–that is some kind of miracle. By all estimations, everyone on that plane should’ve been dead. Most of them did die. But 16 of them somehow managed to survive despite the most insurmountable odds. It’s such an incredible story and reading it from the perspective of a survivor–the perspective of the survivor who was condemned after he returned to civilization for seeming to forget to be humbled by the experience and instead turning into a race-car driver/international playboy and who examines those choices in a pretty honest manner–just drives home the hopelessness of the situation even more. Highly recommended.

Would you like some cheese with that whine?

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This is my “I hate school” post. In the next two weeks, I have to write two 20-page papers, write a take-home final (which includes a 7-page paper), finish a database assignment that I don’t even understand, and… well. I guess that’s it. But still! I also have to go to work AND I have to be fabulous, which takes up a considerable amount of time. And of course, all I really want to do is hang out and read and knit and spin and sew and enjoy the insanely beautiful weather we’ve been having.

Speaking of reading, I started The Miracle in the Andes the other day and it’s quite gripping. I’m such a sucker for compelling non-fiction. I love travel literature and adventure stories. I even like the books that movies are eventually made out of, like Under the Tuscan Sun (kinda crappy movie, pretty good book). One of my favorites is Chris Stewart’s Driving Over Lemons. He’s a sheep-shearing Englishman who moved to Spain with his wife to live on a small farm in the Alpujarras (south of Granada). I know that the Anglo ex-pat is a theme that’s been explored and re-explored–it seems like everyone is leaving the US or the UK or Canada or Australia to live in some sun-drenched Mediterranean country–but Stewart’s books are humble and insightful and funny. I think that the reason that I love those books is because those people are living the ultimate dream. Who wouldn’t want to live in Tuscany or Provence or the south of Spain? Even when the writers mention the hardships they go through, like Stewart’s winter from hell, or Mayes’ trials and tribulations with her house, I’m still like, “But dude, you get to eat fresh-baked bread drizzled with olive oil from your own grove and in the afternoon, have a siesta under a lemon tree,” or whatever.


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I am on row 128 of my sweater and have done the shoulder shaping. I tried to upload a picture but Blogger is not very generous with the picture hosting these days.
I have a ton of homework and I’m supposed to go out tonight so this post will have to be short.

Green top

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Last Sunday I was working on the green top that I was sewing and I got really angry at it. Nothing was working out. In fact, last Sunday was kind of a crappy day in general and nothing really worked out. I decided to leave it alone for a while cause when I get mad at things I can’t be nice to them. Soooo today I finished it! Finally. I’ve been trying to upload photos of it but Blogger is being a jerk.

Instead, I will tell you about my wonderful Sunday. First of all, the weather is beautiful–blue sky, fairly warm, very sunny. Lorien, Dave, and I walked down to Kensington, stopping first at Book City so I could buy He’s Just Not That Into You. Did I just hear a collective groan at the title? I so don’t care, because I think that the idea behind the book is fabulous–why waste your time on guys who just don’t like you as much as they could. Or should. And Lorien bought Around the World in 80 Dates which I can’t wait to read as well. After Book City we headed down to Kensington, where we just wandered around and went into various shops. We went into Lettuce Knit which is a very very dangerous store. I might have bought a book there as well. I look at it as an investment in my knitting skills and my knitting sanity. It’s called The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns and it has different designs (raglan, drop-sleeve, cardigans, etc) in different gauges and sizes. It’s a good resource for the budding designer.

Ok well Blogger still won’t let me post pictures, but I’ll try again later and you can always go to my FOs and WIPs link to see it.

Lap dances and hockey

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Every time I walk down Yonge street to get to the Y (I’m doing an archives project there), I pass a strip club called the Brass Rail. They have an electronic marquee and one day, I noticed that it said, “Very satisfying lap dances.” Now, call me crazy, but shouldn’t a strip club be advertising things like “Hottest lap dances in town,” or “Most flexible girls in Canada”? At least those statements give you something to compare your previous and presumably crappy experiences to–even if you thought you got a good lap dance or saw a flexible stripper, that was nothing compared to what you can get here. But really, “Very satisfying lap dances”? Doesn’t that just imply that on the scale of satisfaction, from, say, so unsatisfying that you weren’t aroused at all to so satisfying that you had a happy ending, “very” satisfying might lean towards the latter but in no way meets it?

Last night, Alli invited a group of us to watch her brother play hockey. He plays for St. Mike’s, and the connection between St. Mike’s, the OHL, and the University of Toronto is pretty hazy to me so I won’t even try to explain it. Anyway, I’d never been to a hockey game before. We had pretty good seats–fourth row from the rink. The game was really good, very fast and exciting, and holy shit, hockey is so violent! I mean, I knew it was, having watched it on tv, but I really had no idea. At one point, two players got into a fight and started punching each other, and the refs just stood there watching. Are you fucking kidding? I might not be a sports fanatic but I’ve been to a few games, mostly football and basketball, and if the players started punching each other at a football game, the refs would be on them in two seconds and they would be kicked out. And theoretically I’m opposed to fighting and violence, but I have to say it was pretty exciting to watch those guys fight. And when they body check each other (or whatever it’s called, when they slam each other into the sides of the rink), it’s so loud! But seriously it was so cool and I had so much fun. I even got a free shirt for yelling really loud and the girl giving away the shirts was totally looking at me when she threw it, but Jarrod intercepted it and then I think Alli made him give it to me anyway. Somehow both he and I ended up with a shirt. Awesome. And then Lorien and I went home and knitted. I’ll post pictures later.

Ode upon a sandwich

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I finally got my wish,
Thanks to my good friend the fish:
Even though tuna is smelly,
And isn’t as sweet as the jelly;
My lunch today was delish.

The OC is hotttttt

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Finally! After weeks of sexless OC, we finally see some action. And it was hot. I love it when they show Ryan without his shirt, he has the hottest upper body ever. Ok I have to stop using the word “hot,” I think we get it.


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To: the peanut butter and jelly sandwich I had for lunch
From: me

PBJ, I often rely on you to provide me with the sustenance I deny myself by frequently being too lazy to cook. Normally, you come through for me and sometimes you’re even tasty. Not so today, however. If there was ever a day when I needed a lunchtime pick-me-up, today was that day. Unfortunately, instead of my usual fun bread—with sunflower or flax seeds or some other hippie shit—yummy, creamy Maranatha peanut butter and sweet berrylicious jelly, I got stale boring wheat bread, dry PB and—well, ok, the jelly was fine. I’m actually angry at the bread the most. How could you go stale on me in two days? (I HATE Dominion.) Yes, I should’ve just cooked dinner last night so I would have had leftovers today, but I got invited to a pizza party. And maybe I opened a bottle of wine. And maybe America’s Next Top Model was on. But still. PBJ, you can’t let me down like this again, or I will have to remove you from my lunchtime rotation. I don’t think either of us wants that.


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