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November 15, 2007 at 11:30 am | Posted in ceramics | 2 Comments
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Because I need new crafts like I need more shoes (i.e., not at all), I took up ceramics a couple of months ago. I’m taking a class at Clay Design and it has to be the most fun thing EVER.
This little guy is one of the things I made at the beginning of the class when we were working on handbuilding, before we started the wheel.  I rolled out a slab of clay with a rolling pin, and then used a stamp to make the repeating design on the surface.



On the underside, I attached little feet and signed my name:


I enjoy handbuilding.  More than the wheel.  Although, let’s be honest, the wheel is super frustrating and I can never throw anything even halfway decent, so I’ve sort of taken myself off of it for the past few weeks.



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  1. Hey!

    You should come to the open studio on friday nights at the pottery museum… it is across from the ROM. For 10 unlimited clay…. 3/item for firing.

  2. Woman I love that!! Very Theodore Geisel indeed. 😉 Nice glazing too! The last bowl I glazed “bright sky blue” turned out brown. DAMMIT.

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