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Ah, Rhinebeck. AKA the New York Sheep and Wool Festival, it’s a fantastic annual weekend event in October, in Rhinebeck, NY. Rhinebeck is in the Hudson Valley region of New York state, and the festival organizers could not have chosen a better time to attract visitors. Although there was a torrential downpour on the drive down, and the combination of the rain and bad traffic in the GTA made for a 9-hour drive, and our motel was a leeeeetle bit sketchy (and cheap, and actually, for two days, not the worst experience in the world), and we had to wake up early in the morning, it was fantastic. The weather was gorgeous — warm weather on Saturday, and blue skies and crisp air on Sunday — and the location is picturesque beyond belief. Unfortunately, the best views were from the car so I didn’t get any pictures, so just picture the quintessential small town autumn, and there you have it. Rhinebeck itself must get a lot of tourist traffic from NYC, because pilates studios and day spas don’t necessarily scream small town to me (unless we’re talking about Stars Hollow), but it’s pretty freakin’ adorable.

The squashes at the Rhinebeck farmers market are huge:

I got fresh, homemade mozzarella at the market and petted TWO puppies (!).

So, the festival. It’s amazing. I don’t even know how to describe it. There are tons of vendors, obviously, but it’s so much more than that. For starters, it’s not JUST about making money. I mean, yes, the vendors are the reason most people are there, but it’s also a celebration of the craft and the art of fiber work. There’s livestock, and sheep-shearing, and sheepdog trials. There’s a sheep-to-shawl competition. There’s an alpaca parade:

There are workshops and meetups and book signings. There are angora rabbits (angora) and angora goats (mohair), sheep of all different breeds, and alpacas and llamas. There were Corgi puppies:

The leaves are beautiful:
(and so are the girls — me, Lorien, and Stephanie. Stephanie took the midnight bus from DC to meet us there…that’s how good it is.)

I was pretty good this year — I only bought 5 skeins of yarn — and Stephanie was even better, but Lorien went nuts. She was a virgin Rhinebecker, though, so it’s to be expected. It was such a wonderful weekend, and I am so happy that I got to go two years in a row.


Things I have done lately

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1. Finished the first sock of a pair of Red Herring socks for Heather.
Socks were started in, oh, April. I got mad at this one and had to put it down for several months, but I finished the bugger and started on sock 2.

2. Had my first ceramics class. It was possibly the most fun and liberatingly, unrestrictedly (word?) creative time I’ve had in a while.

3. Saw Across the Universe late last night as part of the Toronto International Film Festival. I am a sucker for twisted, vibrantly melancholy and/or macabre films, and if they are musicals I am sent into paroxysms of delight. It’s like Moulin Rouge, except happier. It’ll be interesting to hear other people’s impressions of how the Beatles’ songs were interpreted. I especially liked ‘Let It Be’ and ‘Strawberry Fields.’

4. Work. Lots of work.

Earflap hat

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This is my new earflap hat. Isn’t it adorable? This might just be the cutest thing I’ve ever made, and I’m reaaaaally proud of it. Also, the weather is finally cold enough to warrant wearing such an adorable earflap hat which is super exciting. Read more about my hat here.

Best way to reduce your stash

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Be a ball of yarn for Halloween.


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I spent a ridiculous amount of money at Rhinebeck. Maybe not a ridiculous amount of money for people who have full-time jobs and who aren’t students, but for part-time student me, it was a ridiculous amount. However, I *sort of* budgeted the money in. And by “sort of,” I mean, “didn’t really at all but also didn’t care when I got there and saw all of the pretty things.”

This is my loot:

Socks That Rock in Laguna (or is it Lagoona?) and Something That Makes Reference To The Colors “Reddish” and “Purplish”

A close-up of Something That Makes Reference To The Colors “Reddish” and “Purplish”

A blurry close-up of the gorgeous silk roving that I got. Colorway: No Fucking Clue, But Isn’t It Pretty?

A to-die-for batt from Grafton Fibers

Four Play from Brooks Farm in yet another unremembered colorway

Those are my good pictures. I also bought a skein of Brooks Farm’s Harmony in a kaleidoscope of reds and pinks, but I couldn’t get a good picture of it. I also bought a beautiful nostepinde that I forgot to photograph that is currently being used to wind some “laceweight” (my “professional” term for “really skinny”) Corriedale. Even though I have a swift and ball winder, I really like the nostepinde. Pictures forthcoming!


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This is me and my friend Stephanie (sorry, grammar police, my friend Stephanie and I) as we are about to enter the New York Sheep and Wool Festival, commonly known as Rhinebeck. We left on Friday at noon to drive down to Saugerties, NY, which is where we were staying. The scenery


is gorgeous.

The only fiber festival I had ever been to previously was some rinky-dink thing in Canby, Oregon (not Black Sheep, duh), and though I knew that Rhinebeck was going to be a HUGE event, I wasn’t really prepared for the insanity. We got there at 10 on Saturday, the time it was scheduled to open. We headed straight for The Fold, proud purveyor of Socks That Rock, and it was there that I glimpsed true fiber fever. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures, but I can tell you that by the time we got there, at 10:15 on Saturday morning, that booth was already becoming picked over, and the line to pay was crazy. We waited in line for 20 minutes (during which time I purchased a gorgeous Corriedale batt from Grafton fibers, pictures coming soon), and I have heard accounts of people waiting in line for upwards of an hour to pay. Fiber-induced insanity, I tell ya!

Rhinebeck isn’t only an opportunity to empty the contents of your wallet/checking account/children’s college fund, it’s also a veritable field day of livestock. Check these guys out:


And this is one of my favorite pictures–a close-up of a Lincoln fleece, still on the owner’s back:


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I actually finished this a couple of days ago, but this is the first time I’ve felt like uploading the photos of it. It’s the cotton raglan sweater from Rebecca 31. I didn’t even like the sweater in the magazine, but then I saw this version of it and realized that the shape of the sweater is actually very pretty. I used Cascade Quattro, and I bought 7 skeins but only used 4. Having knitted with cotton yarn before and having hated it, I was kind of wary of embarking on another cotton project, but I actually liked this yarn a lot. It’s 80% pima cotton and 20% wool, so it has a little bit of give. I wore this sweater to school the other day, and I was wearing a one-strap bag across my chest, and when I got home and took the sweater off, I noticed that the spot where the bag had been rubbing against it had gotten fuzzy. It didn’t pill; it got fuzzy. Does that make sense? Anyway, this will probably be my Rhinebeck sweater since I don’t see myself finishing the cabled one in the next two weeks. Two weeks! Two weeks! Can’t f-in wait.

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