Nalini’s necklace

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I made this necklace–crocheted wire with freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals–for a coworker and friend.  She asked me to make it ages ago and I’m such a slacker: I made two of the strands and when I ran out of wire, I didn’t immediately get more.  She gently reminded me to finish it and I did… sorry it took so long!

One of the reasons I didn’t hurry to the jewelry-making supply store to get more wire is that every time I step foot into that place, I end up spending 10 times more than I originally planned.  Apparently, I am powerless in the face of shiny things and adorable boys (I purchased a brand-new bike in a moment of weakness).  I was going to take a picture of the necklace I made with the materials I bought when I got the wire for Nalini’s necklace, but the nice digital camera at work needs to have its batteries charged.


Silver ring

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I made this guy last week at jewelry class. Sorry for the artsy, out of focus picture! I thought it would look cool on that rose but my camera couldn’t tell what I was trying to focus on, and it was early in the morning and I had to go to work, so that’s what you get. Anyway, I had a freakin blast making this ring — I placed sandpaper face down on top of the silver and rolled it through rollers, creating some texture on the surface. I stamped my initials, TLC, and the year, 07, on the back. After I’d hammered it into the ring shape, I drilled a few holes in it. I might place a stone over the seam, or I might not; I haven’t decided yet. Either way, I loooove the ring. I never wear rings but I’ve been trying to wear this one.

I definitely need another hobby

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I had my first “goldsmithing” class tonight. There was no gold to be smithed, only copper. Which is good, cause I like gold as much as I like diamonds, which is to say, not at all. We did all kinds of cool shit, including sawing, drilling, and soldering. I am super excited about this class — for those interested, it’s the beginning jewelry class at Nanopod.


So, we were given a small square of copper and from that, we had to create two pieces, at least one with negative space. In order to cut out the circle, I had to drill a hole into the piece and then use a jewelry saw (teeniest blade on earth, I’m pretty sure). The rest of it was cut out around the edges using the saw. Then I filed it so that the edges were smooth. I know that it’s really simple, but I think it’s representative of the things that I doodle: these massive organic shapes that start out as one thing, maybe a circle or a spiral, and then get added to as the class (inevitably) drags on.

After cutting out and filing the pieces, we soldered them together using a little torch. It was pretty cool. I remember when my mom used to do stained glass and she’d have the soldering wire and the torch and it looked like such a finicky process. For this, cause the solder doesn’t show, it’s way simpler, and we didn’t use wire; we used copper coupons. When I soldered the two pieces together, I had to let it get very hot before the solder “flowed,” and I intentionally left it a bit…dirty?…I don’t know what the proper jewelry term is. Anyway, I didn’t clean it until it was gleaming because I liked the way it looked.

I’m not sure if we’ll be able to add to this piece in later classes. If so, I was thinking of sticking a stone or two on it and then using it as a pendant in a necklace. Anyway, next week we’re making silver rings which should be fun.

Shiny things updated

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I seem to be on a jewelry-making kick lately. Knitting has sort of been put down for the moment, though I’m working on a project I need to complete soon, since the recipient’s birthday is coming up, and I didn’t get her anything for Christmas (yeah, I know, I’m a really good friend).

Anyway, necklaces here.

The best intentions

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Ok, first of all, I totally apologize for my last post and its melodrama.  I don’t actually feel badly for writing it or for feeling any of those things, but I do recognize that my role in this whole blog thing is to amuse and impress, and posting such melancholy pieces is a total buzzkill.  So, my heartfelt apologies.

And, moving on.  To the $50 I spent at the bead store yesterday.  I mean, what?  I don’t really understand how that’s possible, especially considering the small bag of loot I came away with.  I guess that’s the problem with going bead shopping with Lisa -she has champagne tastes and I can’t help but be influenced by them when I am around her.  I seriously had decided that I would spend $20 on beads.  I don’t even make beaded stuff that often, so how many beads do I really need?  Apparently, $50 worth.  Jesus.

I can’t think of a title.

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Sorry about the huge picture but I can’t reformat it at the moment. So, I made this necklace on Friday night for a date on Saturday. I have no idea what any of the stones are, but in my humble opinion it turned out quite well.

I’m not exactly sure if I should blog about the date or not…

Ok, fine.  But I’m not telling you everything.  He’s a guy I met before break and we tried to get together before I left but that didn’t work out.  Then when I was back, he was gone.  So, with all of the time that had elapsed, I wasn’t really expecting him to call me.  But he did, and we went out on Saturday night.  I had a really good time, and I’m pretty sure things went well.  There were a couple of awkward moments, however, which kind of sucked.  There was kissing, though, and it was the best kind (i.e.,  not investigating the deepest recesses of a virtual stranger’s mouth with your tongue).  We left it at:

Him: Maybe we can do this again sometime.

Me: I think that could be possible.

And that’s all I’m going to say about my date.

Finished objects, finally

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This is a little black A-line skirt I’ve been working on for a while. Not because it was complicated, don’t get me wrong, but because I have approximately 80 projects going at any one time and sewing is probably the most frustrating of them -something always seems to go wrong. I had problems with the zipper on this one. It’s an invisible zipper but for some reason, my invisible zippers are usually fairly visible.

Anyway, when my friend Heather gets back, she’s going to teach me how to embroider and crewel (do crewelwork? What is the verb form of that word?), and I’m going to make some embellishments to the bottom of the skirt. I’m thinking flowers on long stalks. Not a chain of hippie flowers or crazy Victorian bouquets, but sort of ’50s-looking flowers. I don’t know. I can’t describe them and I don’t have time right now to find an internet example.

My friend Lisa taught me how to make necklaces and stuff over the summer. Of course, I immediately went out and bought a shitload of beads, and then never did anything with them. For New Year’s Eve, I wanted a necklace to go with the shirt I was wearing, so I made this one. I’m pretty proud of it and I think it looks cool. I’m really into black and red at the moment, don’t know why, cause my color of choice is and has always been blue.

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