April 25, 2007
Heather’s Sock(s)
Not an FO, but certainly a WIP. My friend Heather is moving to Santa Cruz to start a new job, and I’m going to miss her very much. We had a hard time agreeing on the color scheme for her socks, cause she’s not into variegated yarn and I find solids boring. We decided on this cute herringbone pattern (Red Herring, Knitty, Fall 2006) and it’s pretty fun to knit.

January 30, 2007
Log Cabin Blanket
So, it’s not exactly a finished object, but it’s what I got. It’s the Log Cabin blanket that I’ve been working on since, oh, forever. But it keeps getting bigger! I ran out of the pretty variegated yarn so now I’ll be alternating the blue and coral. I plan on knitting until I run out of yarn — this is not an exact science, after all.


The most adorable earflap hat.
Pattern: modified version of The Knitting Fiend’s generated pattern. I modified the earflaps in two ways: first, I changed the number of stitches comprising the earflaps from 12 to 16 (upon Lorien’s recommendation), and second, instead of working the earflaps in wrap-and-turn short rows, I did a k2tog decrease on the RS rows and a ssp decrease on the WS rows. For the i-cord edging, I used this method.

The main color is Brooks Farm’s four-play and the Fair Isle pattern is Cascade 220. I used Addi Turbo needles but honestly, while I love them, they were a bit too slippery for the yarn (which is a wool/silk blend). If I were doing it over again, I’d probably use bamboo needles.



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  1. Looks great!

    And shit, it did get cold yesterday, didn’t it?

  2. Yes, it is totally adorable. I am impressed. Now we need some snow so you can wear it all the time!

  3. Ok, you also have tons of knitting projects you could post pictures of (for an explanation of “also” please see my spinning comment). How about an update on your blanket or a blog about your lace scarf ideas? I want to see some KNITTING!!!

  4. I think she will probably miss you too. And when she wears those socks she will feel a warm type of sadness. And yes, I just referred to myself in the third person.

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